File Conversion - 
Because no two networks are the same

Many of our clients came to us because of the complicated formats requested by the networks and their inability to produce them. Transcoding is what we do...all day long.  We can provide you with a user friendly workflow that will maintain the quality and integrity of your production.


Do you already have a .scc file?  We can convert your .scc file to .mcc, giving you HD Compliant CEA - 708 Closed Captioning.

If you are able to create your own Subtitle or SCC files, we can use your files for an ever greater cost saving to you.  We offer creative pricing that allows you to resell our services to your clients through your company, not ours.  We have partnered with MovieCaptioner, an inexpensive closed captioning software.  We can accept any format MovieCaptioner exports and embed it into your media or you can just send us the project file and we'll take it from there.

Saving Money or Making Money - 
We have a creative imagination
Network Quality Captioning -
We deliver what coffee and a vending machine can't

One of the last things Producers and Editors think about when involved in the creative process or trying to meet a deadline is Closed Captioning.  We can create any of the current broadcast formats and work with virtually any media format you can export.


Our hours are flexible because more than likely your's are not.  

Revisions - 
26 shows for 52 weeks...lost a sponsor...added a sponsor, etc

We do what others won't.  If we've captioned your show and you just replaced some promos or you had to replace time sensitive material on a re-air, we can create a new captioned file at a significantly reduced cost.

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