With over 20 years experience as Broadcast Media Professionals, Roy & Elaine Keiningham are the founding members of ETx Captioning, now a division of 27c Media.  Roy worked for a nationally recognized non-profit, producing and editing a weekly broadcast.  Due to tight deadlines and constant last minute changes, closed captioning became increasingly inefficient and cost prohibitive.  So the decision was made to do closed captioning in-house.  In 2002, at a time when closed captioning was still incredibly expensive, Roy & Elaine offered closed captioning to the public at an affordable rate.

At ETx Captioning it has always been our goal to offer closed captioning at an affordable rate and offer these services within a construct that works within our client's workflow and deadline.

Roy & Elaine Keiningham

ETx Captioning

Dallas TX

Tel: 469-294-0044

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