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"producers should produce,

editors should edit and closed captioning should be affordable"

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Fox 51

They are precise, punctual, and timely. We have been very happy with their service and very pleased with their customer service.

Station Manager, Drew Balch

broadcast closed captioning


We offer flexible workflows with a focus on your deadline, not ours.  We know media professionals never sleep. It’s because of this that we do not keep 9 - 5 hours.  Our business hours are dictated by the work at hand.  Sound familiar?  We know this industry.  We understand what it means to be a producer or editor.  



We offer turnkey pricing.  No baiting with a lower price and then tacking on additional fees.  We’ve done this long enough to know how much your project will cost.  Call us or email us and we’ll give you a no nonsense quote.


If you would like to pay less and keep most of the workflow in house for greater flexibility, we have another option.  Over 5 years ago we partnered with Patrick Besong, developer of Movie Captioner, and created the idea of a client - based captioning workflow.  For those who have purchased Movie Captioner, the client can transcribe and timestamp commercials and full length television broadcast themselves. The video and caption files are then sent to us to be embedded into a server - ready file for broadcast.

* One leading competitor charges $58 to upload a half-hour show in HD.

** We keep your current broadcast season on file.

"it has always been our goal to offer closed captioning services at an affordable rate, with a construct that works within the client's workflow and deadlines"

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